CV & Cover Letter Writing

CV & Cover Letter Writing

Did you know:

  • A CV gets between 10 to 30 seconds to make an impact?
  • 80% of CV’s don’t pass the ATS (Applicant Tracking System/Software) robots – not because the candidate doesn’t have the skills, but because ATS cannot ‘read’ what is written.
  • It’s probably the CV and not YOU, that’s stopping YOU from getting interviews?

We are industry leaders in this field, having written over 20,000 CV’s with an exceptionally high success rate. Our CV’s talk for themselves, and we pride ourselves on producing bespoke, achievement led CV’s, created from scratch. No two careers are the same, so why should two CV’s be the same?

Our CV’s are written by a team of consultants - often preceded by a one-to-one consultation - giving them the benefit of our collective experience; also, we will ALWAYS have an industry expert providing input into your CV. Let’s face it, a HR professional cannot write an IT Manager’s CV without input from an industry perspective.

This is why our CV’s produce results, they breeze through ATS due to their achievement orientation, formatting, use of keywords and phrases as well as covering the HR bases and technical aspects of the job(s) being targeted.

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CV Extras

Cover Letter
Capitalise on your dynamic achievements and ensure your CV is read…..

With as little as 10 to 30 seconds to impress, ensure your CV is complemented by a winning Cover Letter designed to generate interest. Cover letters can be created for:

  • Speculative Applications
  • Targeting Chosen Companies
  • Responding to Vacancies

LinkedIn Profile

Recruiters use LinkedIn every day to search for and contact prospective candidates for their exclusive roles. If your LinkedIn profile is not generating contact from recruiters, then you must rectify the situation as soon as possible.

We will make sure your LinkedIn profile has calls to action; is completely re-written, has a keyword rich headline to put you to the top of recruiter searches; a 30 second description that will positively engage with recruiters.

If you’re interested to explore how working with us could support with your CV, Cover Letter or LinkedIn Profile, either get in touch with us at or upload your CV for a free CV review.